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Aviation Rescue Fire Fighters

Airservices Aviation Rescue Fire Fighters work at 27 airports across Australia, providing a vital layer of safety to the travelling public.

You’ll enjoy excellent on-the-job training, competitive remuneration and great opportunities for career development and progression. Collaborating and working together with a diverse group of people to benefit the Australian community and international visitors.

We play a crucial role – ensuring the safe, reliable and efficient use of Australia’s skies. It’s this team of diverse and dynamic people on the ground that will be there to respond to the emergency and safety needs of airlines, airports and the travelling public. A career with Airservices’ Aviation Rescue Fire Fighters is a career for the future.

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Aviation rescue fire fighter

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Flexible roster

Flexible rosters


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Employment conditions

Employment conditions

Work across Australia

Work across Australia

Airservices Aviation Rescue Fire Fighters work in 27 fire stations at airports around Australia. Our fire fighters protect travellers and workers at Australia’s busiest airports and respond to a broad range of aviation and airport emergencies.

Our Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) service is one of the world’s largest with more than 900 operational and support personnel based at airports around Australia. With Airservices, you will gain world recognised qualifications.

Fire fighting at Airservices offers a unique opportunity to stay fit, help people in a meaningful way and work in a dynamic outdoor team environment. To succeed in this rewarding career, you will require a high level of fitness, be committed to ongoing physical and technical training and be comfortable working outdoors. To ensure that our fire fighters maintain the required levels of fitness and strength, every fire station has an on-site gym. If you are selected as one of our talented fire fighters, you will also have access to the expertise of qualified physical training instructors to support your training and there is time for individual physical training built into every shift.

Male avaition rescue fire fighter.

Aviation rescue fire fighter

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Airservices also recruits experienced fire fighters to bring new skills and backgrounds to build and strengthen its diverse and highly-skilled aviation rescue fire fighting service (ARFFS) workforce.

Successful applicants will go through a condensed training period to gain their Leading Fire Fighter classification. This training includes aerodrome and aircraft familiarisation, vehicle operations, ARFFS systems and governance, equipment, communications, strategy and tactics.

There is no scheduled or anticipated recruitment intake for experienced fire fighters.


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Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Recruit

Meet Jasmyn Hewett

Jasmyn Hewett is an Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Recruit located in our training centre in Melbourne. Jasmyn has always had a passion for helping her community. Once she completes the course, she will become a fully qualified fire fighter at one of our 27 stations across Australia's busiest airports.

Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter

Recruitment process

Recruitment process

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Effective teamwork and collaboration are what allow us to effectively manage the arrival and departure of more than 156 million airline passengers annually. No matter whether you're a technical officer, air traffic manager, or Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter, you’ll find yourself connecting with talented people and incredible opportunities.