Connecting people with their world safely

Secure, efficient and sustainable services for the aviation industry and our communities.

A career to take you above and beyond

Looking after 11% of the world's airspace takes people willing to give 110%. We’re looking for aviation enthusiasts across Australia to join our team.

Working with communities

Our dedicated Engage Airservices site provides the community with our central approach and standards regarding flight paths and changes.

ATC Tower against blue sky

Environmental commitments

We’re committed to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment, heritage and communities.


Our purpose

The people of Airservices Australia

This is the story of people you may not know and have not yet met. But every time you take to the skies they are there.

People who safeguard our lives and our livelihoods, controlling
our skies to make them the safest in the world.

People who are ready to respond – not only in the face of emergencies, but to rescue and protect us from fire should the unthinkable happen.

People who are working to build the future of Australia’s skies –
the very infrastructure our economy relies on to secure our place in the world.

This is the story of people who go ‘Above and Beyond’ every
single day.

The people of Airservices Australia.

What we do

Aviation services

We provide a range of world-class services that allow safe and equitable access to our skies. Our primary focus is ensuring safe air travel and providing service outcomes that are matched to the needs of our airline customers.



Passenger movements in FY2023



Staff across Australia



Aircraft movements in FY2023



Safely manage 11% of the world's airspace



Latest news

Statement From Airservices Australia Acting Board Chair Anne Brown

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Sharp as Interim CEO of Airservices. His appointment reflects the Board’s recognition of the value that an ...
A helicopter sits on a runway

Airservices Australia Releases Australian Aviation Network Overview Financial Year 2024

Airservices Australia has released its Australian Aviation Network Overview Financial Year 2024 report covering trends in the Australian aviation sector. Key highlights for FY2024 include:• The Australian ...
Airservices Perth Tower.

Air Traffic Control Enterprise Agreement Declared

Airservices Australia’s air traffic control (ATC) and supporting air traffic services staff have voted to approve a new three-year enterprise agreement.The agreement is the result ...
ARFF RC100 graduates celebrate, including Silver Axe winner Jasmin Wood

Airservices’ Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting service announces first woman Silver Axe Award winner – Most Outstanding Recruit

Airservices Australia’s Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) service has marked a historic triple celebration at its Melbourne Training Facility. Airservices is honouring ARFF’s 100th recruit ...

Airservices Australia reaches in-principle enterprise agreement for air traffic control service

Following extensive discussions, Airservices Australia has reached an in-principle agreement with Civil Air on the terms of a three-year enterprise agreement covering our air traffic ...
Plane on tarmac in front of Sydney Air Traffic Control Tower

Airservices Australia releases May Australian Aviation Network Overview 

Airservices Australia has released its Australian Aviation Network Overview report for May 2024. Highlights include: In May 2024, the Australian aviation network recorded minimal growth in ...